Transforming the Eastern Caribbean
An initiative towards the advancement of technology and digital empowerment in the Eastern Caribbean.

Featured Areas in Technology

Financial Technology

The FinTech sector is revolutionizing financial services by improving access to banking and financial tools, especially in underbanked communities.

Medical Technology

Telemedicine, digital health records, and e-prescribing are advancing patient care, while biotechnological research is opening new avenues for treating diseases.

Education Technology

The Caribbean's education sector is embracing technology to overcome geographical barriers and enhance learning outcomes. E-learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and digital resources are making education more accessible,

Agricultural Technology

In Agriculture, the Caribbean is utilizing technology to combat climate-related challenges and enhance food security. Precision agriculture, drone technology, and climate-resilient farming practices are increasing crop yields and efficiency

Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven analytics are aiding in decision-making and resource management, while AI education initiatives are building local expertise to harness this technology for regional development.

Animation & Game Design

The Animation and Game Design industry in the Caribbean is an emerging field, showcasing unique cultural stories and talent.

Advancing our Caribbean Community through technology

The potential and capabilities that reside within the Caribbean need effective support mechanisms and a strategic path forward.

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News & Updates

The latest happenings in tech related to the Caribbean community

Our Core Objectives

The following are a few of the core objectives we seek to have created to support our members and the wider region.

Capacity Building

Identify the areas in your operation where professional technical support can make a difference.

Expanding Networks

By our nature we are a diverse organisation filled with members who themselves have vibrant networks.

Access to Funding

One of core objestives is through special projects and activities identify funding resources for our members.


We're all in this togther, our membership culture is one that encourages openess and support.